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10/18/2005 - Site News & Updates
I took a break from 2001 to 2005. I just built a place to work, sorted out and classified all my stuff and threw away 6 tons of garbage. So I'm back doing limited and selective selling of parts. The parts are identified on the above parts list page.

I'm stepping back from the new parts restoration business. Over the years, I've tried to do everything for everyone. It's been tough, sometimes rewarding, sometimes frustrating. For the past several months, I've cut back on selling new parts. In the course of setting up price discounts for the Camaro club, I've hooked up with several quality suppliers in which people can buy new stuff cheaper than I could get it for. I effectively put myself out of business from this standpoint. And I'm glad. It was never my intention to become a global Camaro parts supplier.

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About North Georgia Classic Camaro
"North Georgia Classic Camaro" gradually evolved late in 1996 out of my personal restoration and racing efforts. If you've been involved with cars for any length of time, especially older cars, you'll know that you can spend a large amount of money real quickly. In 1997 my wife decided my whole (regular) paycheck should pay for groceries and diapers rather than drag slicks, fenders, engines, clutches and everything else I was buying.

Rather than throw my ass out into the street with all my hardware, she let me stay and keep all my toys. Except I was suddenly "unfunded". Being creative, I partnered up with 2 of my close friends and began selling a lot of my spare "stuff" I had collected over the years. This deal rapidly snowballed and allowed me to collect even MORE STUFF. I had good contacts in industries I needed to be involved in. Restoration and racing companies. In addition to this, the amount of money that was going in/out allowed me to leverage my buying power to get dealer pricing on parts from various sources.

Originally, it was set up to help us restore and race our cars, but it quickly evolved from a small helping ourselves and a couple other guys, to a serious, professional business. However, THIS IS NOT MY FULL TIME JOB. I'd starve to death if I was in this for the money.

The original intention and purpose of this page was to assist me in restoring some of my cars. I needed Camaro information, pictures of parts & pieces, exploded diagrams and technical information which wasn't readily available, so I created this place. Hopefully everything is rolled into this section in such a way that it'll make restoring your car an easier task.

North Georgia Classic Camaro is comprised of TWO people. Mike Maciolek & Andrew Mattei (retired)


It has come to my attention that some people are trying to pretend they are affiliated with us. We are based in Dawson County Georgia. Not New York.

For all legal purposes, NGCC shall be considered "non-profit" and non-commercial. Any form of compensation shall be conducted via our absolute power to contract protected under the laws of the United States of America and the state of Georgia.

The first public use of "North Georgia Classic Camaro" was August 20, 1997.

Why should you deal with US?
Why should you deal with us? Simple, because we have a lot of experience (I have 18 years myself). We know what we're doing. Stand behind what I sell - If you don't like it, I'll take it back (subject to conditions mentioned elsewhere).
Because we're honest and hard working folks. :^)
References Click here to see our references.

Pricing, Ordering, Payment & Service
Ordering Info
The way sales & ordering generally works
is via email, no phone tag. I'm not sitting around manning the telephone all day long. Send us an email asking us for parts availability, condition and price for what you need. I will usually respond within a day or 3 with either used parts, or new parts, usually both - depending on what you're looking for.

About Prices:
Very few of my USED part prices are "firm", most used parts are negotiable in price. I generally sell USED parts for 50% less than what new costs. I generally don't "refurbish" used parts, I may not even clean them up.... they come off the car and get sent to the purchaser.

Finally - I do not like to put a price on other peoples stuff. Some people have asked me "what something is worth". I can tell you what my stuff is worth, or what I can sell you something for. I can't tell you what joeblows bumper is worth - or why his parts cost $400 and mine are $100.

A quick explaination of price structures:
It's screwed up, which is why I'm letting other places concentrate on doing what they do best - delivering new product.

COD orders are unaccepted. The last time I COD'ed something it was sent to a bogus address and was returned as undeliverable. This cost me $20.00 (shipping & COD fee - which UPS keeps). At least I got my stuff back intact.

I'll take a money order, cash, check, and now I can take Visa and Mastercard too. See below.


I also work on IOU's in some situations. I owe, and I am owed. It's nice to be able to call in a favor when the chips are down. (I've GIVEN parts to certain people). I believe what comes around goes around.

"Technical Support"
I support what I sell. I even support what I don't sell (subject to time considerations). With over 17 years of doing this stuff, I can help people out. A lot of my tech info is posted on this website so you can answer your own questions - for free, or ask questions on the message board.

I get anywhere from 10 to 20 emails a day asking for advice. And I try and answer it all. Feel free to email me. Some questions (1st Gen) I'll pass to my 1st gen friends. I'm small enough to still be able to personally handle all my mail. In other words, I don't "blow people off". If I don't answer your mail, I'm usually overwealmed at the moment - bear with me.

If you feel you've been "ignored", please check in here if you haven't already. This is my FAQ (Frequently asked questions). After people ask me something 15 times it probably deserves to be addressed in the faq. Especially "HOW CAN I GO FASTER" or "How many RED 1973 RS/Z28's were made with tilt?" type emails. That's in my FAQ.

To make my life easier, try and include a descriptive subject on your email. I try and force a subject header into any email hyperlinks I use to give me an idea of where the question came from, feel free to change it. Just remember, if I have 25 "HELP ME!!" emails, those filter down to the bottom of the inbox. "Help me install my rug", or "How do I align my doors" subject headers makes it easier for me to reply to you.

ALSO, I MAY HAVE REPLIED TO YOU.... this was a tech question. I sent this once. I can't keep up with bounced messages due to full mailboxes or spam-block filters. Also, I have 5 different email accounts, but I may reply from only 2 of them, depending on where I am at a particular moment. If you accept a reply only from an account you mail to, you may block me from replying from a different account.

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  >>> RCPT To:

Guarantee/Warranty/Return Policy
If you need to return a USED part, please ask me prior to shipping it back. The part MUST be in the same condition it was when it left.

Shipping & Delivery
Delivery ETA
I ship used parts as quickly as possible. I try and ship parts within 2 weeks of a sale. If it's going to take longer, I'll advise you up front.

Most items I have can be shipped via UPS. By default, UPS puts $100 insurance on every box, so if something is damaged in transit, we're covered. If I'm shipping something expensive, I'll insure it appropriately. I can (realistically) ship upwards of 100 pounds, or some "creatively packaged" (fenders, frame rails) items via UPS rather inexpensively. Unfortunantly, some items like engines, rear ends and interiors require special shipping and/or handling (i.e. truck freight).

COD orders are unaccepted. Not only do I pay to ship an item, but I also pay a $5.00 COD fee. If you decide to "change your mind", I get my parts back and UPS keeps my money.

I don't have any "special handling". I work as fast as I can to get your stuff.
I won't take extra money to rush a job. If I forsee a time problem with delivering something, or come across a problem removing something, or shipping something, I'll email you. And we can go from there.

Privacy Statement
Any correspondence between you and NGCC is kept to ourselves. We do not give away or sell any information to marketers. We do not send unsolicited e/mail to anyone. Any (financial) transactions which require sending secure information are sent via SSL and encrypted using PGP.

Credit card transactions handled by PayPal. NGCC does not need your credit card # to be able to accept these transactions.

Last updated: 11/26/2005
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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