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Trunk Replacement

Written By: MadMike - Thanks to: Robert Routt (BobR) .

The reason I wanted to replace the trunk pan liner and roll pan is because when the car was delivered to Mustang Chevrolet in February of 1973 the driver backed it into a Fire Hydrant when he was taking it off the delivery truck. (I think the 4 speed got away from him) The Chevy Dealership (owned by my best friend) quickly replaced the rear bumper, straightened out the Trunk Pan and Roll Pan. Painted it and then hoped no one would notice. Well after all the years the bondo started to crack around the rear roll pan. So knowing this crease was in the trunk pan and roll pan I thought I would replace both pieces. So I took it down to Jeff Lilly in San Antonio, TX. Jeff has one of the nicest restoration shops in the USA. I thought I was a perfectionist till I meet him.

The job

Last updated: 2/16/2000
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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