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A wide variety of pulleys were used over the years. While you may not consider it important to have the "correct" pulleys on your car, you may find it helpful to know what pulleys you need to get your belts lined up correctly, or to prevent your belt(s) from flying off at high RPM if you've happened to modify your car.

Pulleys are identified by a part number and a letter code for quick identification.

Cast iron pulleys are finished in a natural cast appearance. Stamped steel pulleys are finished in a semi-gloss appearance.

Specific Pulleys used are:
Alternator, Waterpump/Fan, Crankshaft, Power Steering Pump (optional), AIR Pump (optional), A/C compressor (optional).

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Exploded Diagrams:
Pulley Usage

Year - Engine Type Alternator/Pulley PS Pulley Crank Pulley Fan Pulley
1970 - Z28 (LA) CZ DD CG BV
1974 - Z28 w/C60 DX DE BK AO
1978 - 305 (Fed) w/C60 LH AC CE AA
1980 - 350 (Fed) Z28 PX AB AG AS

Last updated: 10/20/2011
Author: MadMike Maciolek

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