Gold Membership Package

Over the past 17 years has become the largest site dedicated SOLELY to the Second Generation Camaro. We have an ambitious agenda and vision to continue the growth of the Second Generation Camaro Owners Group. Recent improvements include:

  • Upgraded message board software
  • Added a member chat room
  • Added state of the art photo gallery software
  • Upgraded the Swapmeet (classifieds) with new software
  • Moved the site to a dedicated server

All this was done in an effort to provide the features, functionality and service level our club members requested and expect in a high quality club. Since the photo gallery software is integrated with the message board it allows users to add/maintain their own pictures. The classifieds/swapmeet incorporates many frequently requested features such as "member feedback" that simply wasn't available with the old software. It is also integrated with the message board which allowed us to eliminate the outdated classified software and combine several forum catagories into one package.

We are now happy to offer Gold Member and Lifetime Gold Member Packages.

The benefits of each level of membership are as follows:

Basic Membership Benefits: (Free)

  • Message board with basic functions (profile photo, PMs, default user mask)
  • Access to chat room and calendar
  • Access to current site content (Restoration Guide, Camaro info)
  • Ability to upload a limited number of pictures to the photo gallery
  • Ability to view classified ads and post basic for sale and wanted ads

Gold Membership Benefits: (See Contribution Schedule Below)

  • All "basic member" features, plus:
  • "Gold Member" Custom User Title
  • Custom User Mask
  • Entry to Restricted (Gold Members Only) Forums on the Message Board
  • Custom Avatar Image
  • Upload File Attachments
  • Expanded Private Messaging
  • Instant Access to the Full Range of Swapmeet Features
  • Personal Photo Gallery Album(s) w/generous quota
  • 20% Off all current and future Club Merchandise (T Shirts, Calendars, Club Store, etc.)
  • Access to All Future Enhancements (e.g. "Garage Cam", Special Tech features, etc.)

Lifetime Gold Member Benefits (See Contribution Schedule Below)

  • All Gold Member Benefits, plus
  • Lifetime Gold Member User Title
  • Never Pay Again, No Need to Renew Anything, You are "Done" for Life

Contribution Schedule and Bonus
Applying is easy.........simply point and click below. If you don't wish to use PayPal, you can join by mail here






  1 Year
$ 20 Decal
(select color)
Decal Color

3 Years


3 Decals (Gold & Silver)


3 Decals and an official club t-shirt

T Shirt Size


The Fine Print

Processing your application for Gold Membership will be done as soon possible, within 24 hours in most cases. We reserve the right to accept or reject applications for any reason or no reason. Should your application be rejected, you will receive a prompt refund.

Acceptance as a Gold Member does not relieve you of your responsibility to behave in a civilized fashion on the SGCOG message board. Gold Memberships are non refundable, even if the Member should be banned temporarily or permanently from SGCOG activities.


Alternative Payment Method

If you don't wish to use PayPal then simply print out this web page and mail it along with a check payable to "". The mailing address is:
PO Box 123
Dawsonville, Georgia 30534

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