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Kick Ass Street Machine

Written By: MadMike - Thanks to: Chris Rinehart .

Ď72 SS396, 1 of 978 or 970 depending on who you reference. Plain car, standard front, spoiler option, no gauges, standard interior, originally 4 speed. All original sheetmetal, no rust ever, 13,000 original miles on car, raced by original owner since new, taken off street in Ď73 and motor changed out for 425 hp 427, ran mid 11ís. Car was at one time black, but now is back to original flame orange color w/ black tail panel. Current 6 point rollbar by S&W racecars, done in their own shop. A cage is on the way shortly. The stock hood had a hoodscoop and was painted w/ the car, but the 532 came later and now it has an unpainted Glastek 4" cowl hood to be painted shortly.

All interior is stock and present except for grant steering wheel. Even seats are stock, driverís side has holes cut for harnesses.

Rod Sabouryís Ď57 vetteís first engine, Ď91-2, featured in many magazines, ran 8.50s in his 2500 lb car. Heads, intake and carb were on 632 w/ NOS for first street legal car ever in the 7ís. 532 BBC, bowtie short deck siamese block bored 4.600, new GM 454 steel crank, ATI super damper, brass bushed GM dimple rods, Manley 13.3:1 pistons, Dart intake and Brodix BB-2 heads ported by Tom Slawko, Jesel rocker shafts, Comp Cams .726/.714 292/282 @ .050 super gas cam, Pete Jackson gear drive, CSI elec. waterpump, 1350 & 1425 cfm Carburetor Shop Holley dominators (experimenting), Moroso 8 quart pan, MSD 6 ignition w/ 2 step. dynoed 814 flywheel open headers@ 7200, cam goes to 7600, chassis dynoed 615 rwhp in full street trim peaking at 7000 rpm due to exhaust. No nitrous (yet). engine mounts are the .250" Moroso race mounts bolted to Ď71 camaro frame mounts. Radiator is currently stock BB.

Jaz 8 gal fuel cell in trunk, BG 5000 filter, BG 400 pump w/ optional step down box for street, AN-10 line to front, Superflow 4 port regulator at carb.

ATI Proglide PG w/ transbrake and manual valvebody, ATI Fuel & Blown 8" 5500 stall converter, Shogun converter fan, MW Spicer 1350 driveshaft & yokes, Ď70 Z28 12 bolt w/ axle tubes welded to housing, Strange 33 spline posi and 40 mm proStock end axles, Zoom 4.10 gears, Summers Brothers steel carrier caps, LPW girdle and support rods, Strange c-clip eliminators.

Stock A-arms, All components are in stock location, Poly A-arm bushings top and bottom, CE shocks all around- settings are still being determined. Moroso front superstock springs, Chicago Super Stock leaf springs staggered to all end within 6" of front eye, alum. bushings in front of leaf spring. NO SLAPPER BARS! at least not yet- traction is not a problem. Standard CE slappers are at home waiting just in case.

15x5, 15x10 (5" bs) corvette rallys- weíre going for docile- the 13 sec. car look. Front tires are older PRO-TRAC street fronts in 7.5 size. Rears are GY D3 11.5x28.0 slicks- the D-3 compound is important to my traction I believe, and I run 12-14 psi. Iíll also be trying 11.5 M&H and 10.5 MTs. Eventually I will get a set of MT ET streets in 11.5 or so.

Hedman 2 ľ" prim/ 4" coll. headers, one tube had to be relocated to clear steering rod due to Brodix head raised exhaust. DONíT buy these headers unless you have GM heads, which ironically donít need a header this big unless running nitrous- shop around first- Dougís Headers might have good set, most others just have 2 1/8". From collector itís straight 4" pipe tapering in the last 12" to a 3.5" Dynomax Race Magnum circular muffler on each side. Outlet then reduces to 3" for Torque Techís pre-bent factory style tailpipes in 3". Not ideal, but I wanted it to have a real exhaust and look stock... Tailpipes were cut beveled to look stock. The tailpipes needed much work to fit right, but the front part wasnít designed for the tailpipes which hurt matters more. after much cutting and fitting it all clears fine.

Car has made 6 passes so far, all from 10.45-10.88 backing out at end w/ engine problems that turned out to be fouled plugs. Initially tire pressure was too low and car pulled hard, causing me to back out beginning and end, still running 10.60s-80s. An actual full pass will occur this summer, and we are still exploring ideal lauch RPM, 4500 isnít enough. Car should go 9.70s or so. MPH off throttle thru traps was 135.

Chris also owns a ZR1 vette.

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Last updated: 2/29/2000
Author: MadMike Maciolek
Email: madmike@nastyz28.com

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