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Second Generation Camaro Desktop Themes

This Windows Computer Desktop Theme package was put together and is courtesy of Brian (aka LayZ). This package is considered "beerware". If you try it and like what you see, send some beer money Layz's way, he'll appriciate it.

To obtain the Camaro Theme package, click this link.
The file is currently 1.0MB in size. It will take a couple minutes to download to your computer.

To get the package, click the above link. It's a ZIP file so you will need to "SAVE AS" and save it to your hard drive. The program is called "CAMTHEME.ZIP". You will need to unzip it. Detailed instructions will follow, hopefully as well as an automated installer. Right now you need to install the pieces by hand.

Examples & Preview:
Selected sounds, picture thumbnails, views and other goodies - coming soon.

Suggestions for improvement, or inclusion....
Obviously, having a installer utility would be handy.
If you can design icons, unique sounds, unique wallpaper backgrounds, or other desktop theme components, feel free to let us know so they can be included into the package.

Last updated: 2/16/2000
Author: MadMike Maciolek
Email: madmike@nastyz28.com

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