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Like the front end sheet metal, the Camaro bumper assemblys can be grouped into 3 major styles. They run from 1970 - 1973, 1974 - 1977 and 1978 to 1981. During the 1970 to 1973 years, there were 2 different front bumpers, the standard bumper and the RS ("split bumper") style bumper.

1973 front standard bumper is slightly different than previous years. There is a lot more reinforcing structure behind the bumper, which also helps reinforce the new nerf bars they put on the bumper. (more on this later). This was in an effort to comply with forthcoming legislation requiring cars to be able to absorb a 5 MPH impact. In 1974, the Camaro recieved an all new aluminum bumper. In 1978, the major crash structure was hidden behind a urethane cover.

Exploded Diagrams of Bumper Assemblies

Major Assemblies
The bumper itself, Bumper trim, if any, Bracketry, License plates.

Bumper FAQ

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